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Author Topic: To whom it may concern, please release Lobster Random: No Pain No Gain digitally  (Read 1505 times)

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Next month, with Meg 342, you will be bundling the Lobster Random: Tooth & Claw story in the floppy reprint. This is of course the SECOND Lobster Random book. Until now, the only Lobster Random story to see reprint was the first book, No Pain, No Gain. Which was collected in Hard Cover waaaaaaaaay back in 2005(!!!) Undoubtedly your decision to skip over Book 1 for rereprinting with the Meg stems from you still having copies of the HC taking up warehouse space. Understandable.

But, could you do us digital-only readers a biiiiiiiig solid? Could you please release a digital edition of No Pain, No Gain to compliment the digital edition of Tooth & Claw (and presumably future Meg floppy reprints of Lobster Random)?

Personally I have never reader No Pain, No Gain (it having run just before I started reading 2000AD) and I've always held out hope that the series would get a proper paperback collected edition (during the period when I still read print). Now that I've entirely given up on print, its unlikely that I will ever be motivated to get the print copy of No Pain, No Gain. But would buy a digital edition instantly.

Just thought I'd throw this out there...