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Author Topic: S.S.I.S (Superhero Strip Illustrator Search - Go!!)  (Read 533 times)


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S.S.I.S (Superhero Strip Illustrator Search - Go!!)
« on: 27 July, 2014, 11:22:29 pm »

Would any Illustrators be interested in working with me on a five page Superhero strip, either to enter into the Dundee Comics Prize or to be included in an online anthology?

The Dundee Comics Prize closes on 1st September, but there is a cash prize for the winners.

The Online anthology have already seen the script and are interested in it if I can find a suitable artist.

The strip is an ironic twist on the standard Superhero archetypes, with a humorous take on how the greatest heroes might meet their end.

I see it as a classic Kirby style piece, with the focus more on the characters rather than battles and bloody noses.

If this sounds like this might be for you please let me know.