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Author Topic: The Fall of Deadworld novella omnibus by Matthew Smith  (Read 51 times)


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The Fall of Deadworld novella omnibus by Matthew Smith
« on: 13 July, 2020, 01:46:44 PM »
I've been very much enjoying all the Dreddverse novellas over the past year and was excited for the release of this one.  The book comprises of three stories set in the Kek-W/Dave Kendall Deadworld-verse and is an utterly grim but gripping read.

Red Mosquito has a noir-ish feel despites its apocalyptic setting as we follow a heavy of a local crimelord who happens to beat up the wrong guy and see his world sprial out of control just as the entire world does.

Bone White Seeds tells dual tales. One half is the diary entries of a teenage survivor. The other is from the viewpoint of a Psi judge who has partaken of the dead fluids.

Grey Flesh Flies continues the tale of the diary writer from book 2, but now from a third-person perspective as she teams up with the surviving, Judge Hawkins.

The Dark Judges themselves make some appearances, but aren't the stars of the show as the books introduce some brilliant new characters that we root for despite knowing they're ultimately doomed.

All three stories are fantastic, with a great pace to them.  Gave me some actual Dark Judge nightmares one night.

I've loved all these novellas, from Judge Dredd Year One through to JUDGES and beyond, so please keep them coming!