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Author Topic: The depictions of Mega-City One  (Read 11133 times)


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Re: The depictions of Mega-City One
« Reply #30 on: 13 March, 2017, 12:44:58 PM »
Accidental extra "l" in MacNeil, my apologies.  Is there actually a reason we don't have an edit window on certain sub-forums?
Wish I knew - that picture I just posted was a reference to the last sentence of the paragraph I quoted - but immediately after having posting it I don't have the option to edit out everything but those eleven words :(


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Re: The depictions of Mega-City One
« Reply #31 on: 13 March, 2017, 02:10:39 PM »
Take a look at the pic I posted above, it's a longshot of the city and, as I mentioned, there are some nice, grimy, street-level panels in The Taxidermist (also by Cam) as well as 'The Falucci Tape' from around the same era. As others have said, Midnight Surfer is like a whistle-stop tour of Cam Kennedy city scenes which, if you're able to get a look at, you'll see for yourself what we're on about.

I'm a Cam Kennedy man too - no-one marries everyday squalor and hi-tech futurism to create spaces his people actually live in quite like he does - but from the modern era I'd suggest looking at Henry Flint's splash pages in Total War, and at his and and Colin MacNeil's big splash pages in Day of Chaos (if you can look past the carnage and smoke): they do a good job of showing individual spaces between and around blocks (under the corpses and fall-out clouds).  Obligatory shout-out for Kim Raymond's insane swooping megways and skeds.   

Will definitely look them up in the near future.