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Author Topic: Villians Takeover special and Funny Pages FCBD issue both signed for charity  (Read 373 times)

Eamonn Clarke

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Another busy episode at FCBD in London. Recorded a podcast, went to two signings, spent some money in FP and Orbital, and had a pint or three with the Southern Contingent.

And here are some lovely things for charity. Let's start with the biggie:
The Villains takeover special signed on the cover by Greg Staples, Matt Smith, Pye Parr and Keith Richardson.


And the Funny Pages FCBD issue signed on the inside cover by editor Robo-Keef himself.

A copy of the Ro-Busters Complete nuts and bolts vol #1 kindly donated to the cause by Keith.

And then for anyone who is interested I have the contents of the Forbidden Planet FCBD goody bag:
FCBD issues of
Stranger Things
My Favorite Thing is Monsters
Deadly Class
Starburns presents #2
Doctor Who

I don't know what half of them are, but every comic has its devoted fans. Check my other items for details.

Also on offer
Two different cover versions of the DC zombie title DCeased #1, both signed on the cover by Trevor Hairsine.

And IDW Judge Dredd Toxic #4 cover B

All of these are 99p starts, with free second class P&P from me, and all are 100% for cancer research UK so every penny goes to a good cause.

There is even the now traditional copy of the Morris Minor magazine, also for charity.

And finally, I also have another spare (unsigned) copy of Funny Pages which I'll send to the first forumite to pm me in return for a £1 on my Justgiving page. But pm me first, when it's gone it's gone.

And that's it. I'm now feeling weaker than Greg Staples' wrist after he had signed all the Burdis progs, so I'm off for the traditional lie down with a damp prog on me forehead while the first lady revives me with pieces of Greggs vegan sausage rolls dipped in soft southern shandy.

You know what to doi.


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Nice to see the ubiquitous Minor Matters there ...

Might have to put in a bid miself' since that's where my dad got his nickname from in the RAF.