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Need help finding a bookcase for my Graphic Novel collection

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Batman's Superior Cousin:
I'll be shortly moving into my brother's old bedroom and I'm currently in the process of looking at bookcases to house my ever expanding Graphic Novel collection, especially the Dreddverse stuff (Case Files, Psi Files, Daily Dredd's and One-Off's), specifically from Ikea, though elsewhere is also feasible (within a reasonable price range, of course). Any help from the Hive Mind would be appreciated!!!

The Kallax series is pretty good - you can get them in multiple configs, with or without cupboards/drawers in place of some of the shelves - I've got two of the 4x4 units.

my shelves

It should be noted that most major full-range furniture and/or DIY shops have something like Kallax - I've got mine from B&Q because a) I'm not made of money and b) my local B&Q is close enough to walk to, while the Ikea takes two or three buses.

Once again I shamelessly plug my employers and suggest the Maine range, available in a wide range of colours and sizes.  I have two of the tall and narrow units and four of the small and narrow units.  They're wide enough for each shelf to hold around 40-45 standard trades.

The tall units have six shelves, but because of the peg points (and a fixed shelf) you can get five shelves worth of trades plus a narrow shelf on which you could lay books flat.  The small units allow for two shelves of normal trades and one shorter shelf (just big enough for the Love and Rockets trades or similar).  I posted some pics years ago in one of the dust threads.

There also quite deep, I use the boxes from the old Star Trek starship collection to keep books close to the front but that's just my preference, some people like to push their books to the back.

Found the pics of the smaller cases (too late to edit) Here, and tall one Here


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