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Author Topic: 2000AD Forum's Best DREDD strip 2019  (Read 1883 times)


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Re: 2000AD Forum's Best DREDD strip 2019
« Reply #30 on: 19 January, 2020, 11:49:37 PM »
Many thanks to all who voted, with every chance that I've mucked up me sums but no chance that it effects the winners, here they are:


1. Guatemala by John Wagner, Colin MacNeil, Chris Blythe and Annie Parkhouse (53 pts). 
2. Machine Law by Wagner, MacNeil, Blythe and Parkhouse (44 pts)

The inevitable and well-deserved top spots go to Wagner & MacNeil telling epic stories with wonderful characters; was there ever any doubt.  It's worth mentioning that even the Number 2 spot took more points than the rest of the field combined: the squaxx know what the squaxx like.  But then it gets a little more interesting...

3. The World According to Chimpsky by Kenneth Niemand, PJ Holden, John Charles and Annie Parkhouse (13 pts)
4. The Samaritan by Kenneth Niemand, Staz Johnson, Chris Blythe and Annie Parkhouse (8 pts)
5. The Fall of Barbarbara Grimm by Michael Carroll, Nick Dyer, Quinton Winter and Annie Parkhouse(6 pts)
6=. Control by Rob Williams, Chris Weston and Annie Parkhouse (4 points)
6=. The Long Game by Michael Carroll, Mark Sexton, John Charles and Annie Parkhouse (4 pts)
8. Cadet Dredd vs Grudzilla by Chris Weston, Chris Blythe and Annie Parkhouse (3 pts)
9=. Night at the Museum  by Alan Grant, Robin Smith, Matt Soffe and Annie Parkhouse (1 pt)
9=. The Harvest by Michael Carroll, Nick Percival and Annie Parkhouse (1 pt)
9=. The Red Queen's Gambit by Arthur Wyatt, Jake Lynch, John Charles and Annie Parkhouse (1 pt)

The enigma terrible that is K. Niemand grabs the hotly contested 3rd and 4th places with two excellent stories with terrific character art from PJ and Staz, both tales featuring do-gooder citizens as the central characters. Writers take note of this successful sub-genre - it could be the next Invisible Ninja Judge!

The now-venerable Carroll droid takes the laurels for the most entries appearing the top ten, with three diverse stories, featuring one put-upon citizen, one psychic gangster and one robot with a plan. 

Artwise, other than the all-powerful Colin MacNeil, only Chris Weston appears twice in the rankings, and for me this emphasises the huge range of artistic talent currently deployed on the Dredd strip. I was happy to see personal fave John Charles appearing so often on the colouring duties in this list, even as Chris Blythe's reign goes from strength to strength.

I'd like to say that strips that Annie Parkhouse letter scored consistently high, but as it happens she was the only game in the town. This in itself is really remarkable: 438 pages of Dredd lettered by just the one droid. Take a bow, Annie!

Finally, it was good to see that the rankings also featured one story each from the Megazine, the Regen prog, and the SF Special/Ezquerra tribute.  The regular prog may dominate, but never forget that Tharg's packing more than one organ of Justice.
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