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Author Topic: Thrills Over Time  (Read 7249 times)

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Re: Thrills Over Time
« Reply #90 on: 11 April, 2021, 06:39:03 PM »
Great idea, although at the moment I'm shying away from a searchable database and focusing instead on my A-to-Z idea.

Just fiddling with some routines that can automate a lot of the process and turn my 7967 rows into HTML tables with a minimum of extra effort. My Kingdom test (above) worked quite well, and I just need to pop in a couple of routines to deal with edge cases (e.g. multiple artists) and it'll be good to go.

Currently linking some stuff up (the last thing was collecting all the Otto Sump stories), and tooth-combing some of the older annuals for non-story content. Should be ready to go by ... sometime this decade.
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