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Author Topic: Prog 2256 - Total Excitement Overload.  (Read 2148 times)

norton canes

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Re: Prog 2256 - Total Excitement Overload.
« Reply #30 on: 11 November, 2021, 09:55:24 AM »
Daddy! Daddy! Why does that man on the last page have a big star carved into his chest..?


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Re: Prog 2256 - Total Excitement Overload.
« Reply #31 on: 27 November, 2021, 10:09:34 AM »
Actually enjoyed most of that.

It's not my kind of top drawer Tooth but you know what?  Sometimes even the normal prog isn't MY kind of Tooth.

ENEMY EARTH in particular stood out and the overall theme actually ties with the protagonists being younger. It's my kids and grandkids that will need to deal with the climate mess we've created.

DREDD had some good action stuff in it and we've had dozens of similar perfectly serviceable celeb parody tales in the normal prog. Grittier art and more violence did not make them better.

SCOOTER AND JINX has sooo many familiar elements and only one thing going for it - that are protagonists are "in lurve". Though goodness knows why after their cheesy introduction... Possibly the worst meetcute I have ever seen. I would not welcome this back unless it really works around the couple (as opposed to buddies) aspect.

Loved STRONTY DUG too though I'll admit I did get confused when gravity was in action or not at some points.
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