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Author Topic: Judge Dredd versus Jim and Si  (Read 1445 times)

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Judge Dredd versus Jim and Si
« on: 30 October, 2001, 05:24:49 am »
A huge crowd gathering outside a mega dome building. In front of them is a queue into the dome.
Dredd races to the scene.
Citizen - Lets us in!
Citizen2 - We must enter.
Judge1 - Book Fanatics. Celebrate the work of 21st century comic writers.
Dredd - Well if it keeps them happy, I guess.
The crowd charge the long queue.
Citizen3 - The pen is more powerful than the sword!
Dredd - Push any further and my daystick will do all the writing you need.
Points daystick at the citizen's rear.
Dredd - Right here.
Citizen 4 raises a pen to Dredd. Points it then at his friend's (citizen3) bottom too.
Citizen 4 - If you wouldn't mind?
Dredd looks at the citizen puzzled.
Citizen 4 - If you could sign it to my sweet Doris. She sold her heart you see. To keep up with the rent. On life support now. Alive she is too...when the power cuts stop.
Dredd - Are you trying to be funny?
Citizen 4 - Maybe just the left buttock cheek then?

Dredd crosses the plaza with citizen 4 in cuffs.Ties him to a holding pole.
Citizen 4(to himself) - Heartless Bastard.

Then the crowd charge into the dome.
Inside on stage we see a man holding a book. In front of the stage we see hundreds of book nerds looking through old back issues of 21 century legal comics.
Main man - And what do we bid for this, the complete works of Jim and Si. Shall we start the bidding at...
Then the crowd charge inside.
Main man- Now I know they are popular but this is ridiculous!
The mob knock down the real book fans, stealing old copies of sci fi mags. Absolute mayhem.
Main man - If you could just form an orderley queue!
Dredd and his boys in red go into action.
Dredd - These book worms need some some new literature.
As he daysticks a perp in the head -
Dredd - The book of law!
The judges crack heads. All rather messy.
The riot is soon quelled.
The perps are rounded up and slowly processed.
Citizen 5 - It ain't fair. We did nothing.
Dredd - Then you have nothing to worry about. All legitimate appeals will be heard.
Dredd looks down and sees a book on the floor. Picks it up. Dredd looks at it.
Dredd - The complete works of Jim and Si?
Judge2 - Those antique books are terrible!
Close up onto Jim And Si's Greatest Nursery rhymes.
Dredd - Who was this humptey dumpty creep anyway?!

The End!